I’ve helped build financial projections for businesses at different stages and in different sectors to show how they can grow into viable companies.

There are three key stories in every model:

Just in Time (JIT) Funding is a powerful way to build great customer experiences and decrease cash reserve requirements necessary to facilitate them.

To understand how JIT works, you first need to understand how a regular debit transaction is authorized.

The biggest draw to joining a startup for many is equity that might one day be worth a lot of money. Yet, many don’t fully understand how to think about an equity package. Recently I’ve helped a few friends think through their compensation packages. Below are a few things we…

What is a BaaS?

Banking as a Service (BaaS) provide access to deposit accounts and methods to move funds in & out of those accounts. They tie together pieces of the FinTech delivery stack to enable third parties to develop thin client applications. The BaaS often provides user facing applications that can be white…

This is (one of) Amazon’s strategy. They’ve turned major cost line items into businesses and made them available to third parties.

This is Craiglist. They’ve been unbundled.

One is more vertical integration while the other is more horizontal decoupling. One is a doing $280B per year with 840,000 employees while the other is a 50 person wholly owned company doing $1B per year.

Both companies are successful. Still, they represent examples of the Opportunity and Threat cells of the old SWOT matrix.

#Tech Twitter is abuzz about #GPT3. It does not take long to understand why. Just watch a few of these videos and you’ll instantly have a visceral reaction.

All of the above are just one use case: using GPT-3 to develop web applications. It’s use cases are much…

There are a million things to work on when launching a company so where should you focus? The answer is generally different for every company but here is an order of operation that I find to be a good heauristic:

1/ Figure out what your product is. And, preferably, have…

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